We collaborate together to build up the body of Christ both local and worldwide.

The Loudoun Missions Foundation is a 501(C)(3) ministry created to provide scholarships to individuals going on short-term mission trips.  It also provides small grants to individuals and churches for ministry related projects.  The Foundations Board is made up of individuals from various churches located in western Loudoun County, Virginia.

Scholarship Requirements

To qualify for a scholarship an individual must live in western Loudoun County or be affiliated with a church in western Loudoun County.  To receive a scholarship an applicant needs to take the following steps:

  • Submit an application which is located on this website
  • Undergo an interview in person or by phone
  • Agree to submit a one-page summary within 30 days of returning from trip summarizing how the mission trip impacted their life;
    failure to submit a summary will impact their ability to receive future scholarships

Scholarship Amount

The amount of a scholarship is determined annually.  For 2020 scholarships are established at 20% of the cost of the trip not to exceed $400.

Scholarship Payment

Payment is made directly to the sponsoring church or ministry.  If a scholarship is provided in excess of the balance due for the mission trip the recipient or sponsoring church is asked to return the surplus to the Loudoun Missions Foundation so it might be applied toward another scholarship recipient.  A maximum of one scholarship will be awarded per applicant per year.

Application Submission Dates

To allow time for processing scholarship applications it is requested that an application be submitted no later than 60 days before the date of the mission trip.  Failure to file an application timely may result in payment not arriving in time for the mission trip.

Grant Requirements

Grants are provided to churches located in western Loudoun County or to individuals affiliated with a church in western Loudoun County.