The Loudoun Missions Foundation was established with a grant from the estate of a respected long-time member of Purcellville Baptist Church who had a heart for global missions. Following her wishes, the foundation was created to provide funds in the form of grants and scholarships to individuals who desired to participate in short-term missions trips with local Christian Churches, and for special missions projects. In the years of its existence, the foundation has faithfully provided funding to local individuals participating in short-term missions around the world.

Originally known as the Purcellville Baptist Church Foundation, Loudoun Missions Foundation is now an independent organization focused on supporting mission work throughout all of Loudoun County.

Our Mission

The purpose of the Loudoun Missions Foundation is to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ around the world by supporting mission trips and missionaries-in-training from Christian churches and organizations in Loudoun County. By providing scholarships and other resources, the foundation helps equip those willing to serve for the work God has prepared for them.

Statement of Faith

Our Statement of Faith is intended to help churches and Christian organizations that attend Loudoun Missions Roundtable to discuss missions activities that each church shares a theology in the gospel of Jesus Christ.  See our Statement of Faith.


To apply for a short-term missions trip scholarship, you must first submit an application form which may be obtained by emailing Info@LoudounMissions.org, followed by a short interview with members of the Board of Directors. Once approved, scholarships are awarded with the expectation of receiving a short letter describing the trip and its impact within 30 days of returning home.

To apply for a grant to benefit a specific missions project, please submit a short letter describing the project and a proposal for the use of requested funds to Info@LoudounMissions.org.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors includes individuals from Loudoun County Virginia who have a heart for global missions, and a variety of missions experiences. Our seven Directors bring knowledge from diverse professional backgrounds with them to their leadership of the Foundation.